BREAKING NEWS: North Korea Lifts Ebola Ban and Borders Now Open

We have been informed by Air Koryo and the Korea International Sports Travel Company that North Korea’s borders are now open for travel and the 4-month long Ebola travel ban was lifted as of Monday, March 2. We are told that everything is back to normal! North Korea tourism and travel can resume immediately and we’re now taking registration on all of our tours. Our first group tour will be the 5-Day Standard Tour at the end of March. We’re also taking private tour registration. Please note that we need a minimum of 2 weeks to process visas.

In addition, we received confirmation that our Pyongyang Marathon tours can also proceed, and that foreign amateur runners will be accepted to run in the race.

Please note, however, that certain quarantine measures will remain in place. According to the UK FCO, those entering the DPRK from Guinea, Sierra Leone, Liberia, Guinea-Bissau, Senegal, Mali and Cote d’Ivoire will be subject a 21-day quarantine. Anyone entering the DPRK from other countries will not be quarantined, but will be placed under medical observation for 21 days by the Pyongyang Friendship Hospital. From our discussions with our DPRK diplomatic contacts, we understand “medical observation” to mean that the foreigner will be allowed to enter the country and undertake normal activities, but must have their body temperatures checked twice a day by doctors for the duration of their stay.  This should not affect traveler’s plans to visit the country for tourism or business. However, if you are coming directly or indirectly from one of the above mentioned countries affected by Ebola, please contact us before applying for a tour or business visa.

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