Nampho 남포시 is a port city on the western coast of North Korea located in the South Pyongan Province, 50 minutes away from Pyongyang. Here are its tourist attractions:

Nampho beach

Stefan Krasowski, one of our tourists, snapped some cool photos when he stumbled upon a party at the Nampho beach:

Waudo resort
Waudo resort consists of park and inlet areas and is a popular picnic and holiday spot for locals. In 2015, we’re expecting to see a new water park here:

The West Sea Barrage
An 8km long collection of dams that regulates sea water from intruding into the Taedong River.

Chongsanri Cooperative Farm
DPRK has a system of collective farms. Collective farms can consist of 100-1000 families whereby they share the crops produced based on family size and merit (how much labor they’ve put into farming).

Chollima Steelworks Factory

Nampho Port
Nampho Port is an international port, accommodating up to 50,000 ton ships.

Nampho Orphanage
Each province has its own orphanage. In a socialist society, there is heavy emphasis as the state acting as a maternal figure for its citizens. This is explained in detail when visiting this orphanage.

Seafood restaurants
Famous gray mullet soup restaurant

Three Mausoleums at Kangso
Here, find mural tombs dating back to the 7th Century of the Koryo dynasty, now a UNESCO site.



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