Arirang Mass Games 2015 Update

UPDATE: February 24, 2015:
Unfortunately, we’ve received a confirmation from our DPRK partners that the 2015 Arirang Mass Games are cancelled. It doesn’t look like a revised version will take place this year either. On the bright side, we’re expecting to see big holiday festivities for Liberation Day in August and a MILITARY PARADE for Party Foundation Day in October. Be sure to check out our summer tours.

UPDATE: October 28, 2014:
We all agree – we miss the Arirang Mass Games and want it to return! According to our local North Korean partners, the official DPRK Arirang Committee is currently discussing whether they will hold the event in 2015 and if so in what format.

If we do see a return of the Arirang Mass Games, our bet is on next year’s October 10th Party Foundation holidays. October 10, 2015 will mark the 70th anniversary of the founding of the DPRK Worker’s Party. If you thought Victory Day in 2013 was big, you won’t want to miss our October Foundation Day tours. We’re expecting an all-together new version of the Mass Games and other huge celebrations like the big military parades that North Korea is so famous for, outdoor dancing in the public squares, fireworks and more!

We have 3 incredible options:

Essential 4-Night Foundation Day Tour: October 7-12 | starting from $1,895 pp | take part in holiday celebrations in Pyongyang and cross to the other side at the DMZ.

Classic 7-Night Tour with Cycling Option: October 7-15 | starting from $2,475 pp | get everything you would in the 4-night tour, a private boat cruise to the West Sea and an exclusive one-day Pyongyang bike tour!

Ultimate 14-Night Great Adventure Ending at Mount Paekdu: October 7-22 | starting from $4,275 pp | get everything you would in the 7-night tour but trek cross country to the eastern cities of Wonsan and Hamhung and hike the coveted Mount Kumgang. End the experience with a great adventure to Mount Paekdu, known as the birthplace of Korea.

See you there!

UPDATE (Oct. 8, 2013):
2014 Arirang Mass Games is still canceled as of now. But just in case the DPRK decides to change its mind, we’ve got you covered! We’re offering a 2014 Arirang Mass Games tour next August in the chance that the mass games, or a performance similar to it, will go on. If the Arirang performance does not continue, the itinerary is action-packed enough to stand on its own!

To learn more about the Arirang Mass Games, see our DPRK – Arirang page.

August 30, 2013; Pyongyang, DPRK

Each year, thousands of western tourists travel to Pyongyang, the capital of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (the DPRK or North Korea) to watch one of the most spectacular and unique performances on Earth – the Arirang Mass Games Performance. Today, DPRK officials announced to Uri Tours that the 2014 Arirang Mass Games are likely to be canceled next year.  While the cancellation of the Arirang Performance has been a persistent rumor every year, this is the first time that our DPRK partners have indicated that such a cancellation might actually happen. According to our DPRK partners, the Arirang Performance will almost certainly not return before 2015, but if you still want to see this year’s performance, the DPRK has decided to extend the 2013 Mass Games until September 30. Due to this extension, Uri Tours has added the Mass Games to its late September itineraries for our customers who may not want to wait until 2015. If you wish to join our late September tour, you may easily book your seat through our website. For more information on how to book, please see How to Book Travel to North Korea. We have extended the deadline for our late September 5-Day Standard tour to September 14, 2013. Book your seat now!

The Arirang Mass Games Performance is a massive annual performance that pays homage to the culture and history of the DPRK (North Korea). The performance includes over 100,000 North Korean performers dancing in unison. In addition, the Mass Games include one of the most singular pictorial exhibitions found anywhere around the globe. Thousands of North Koreans flip picture cards in unison, creating a massive, ever-changing mural that serves as a backdrop for dancers and as the narrative glue of the entire performance. Nowhere else will tourists find such a stunning display of the DPRK’s military precision and cultural pride.



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