North Korean Restaurant in Shanghai

The DPRK has several state-owned and run Pyongyang style restaurants in Shanghai, and other cities in China like Beijing. We went to the Xuhui location in Shanghai and it’s worth a visit.

Although we’ve had better North Korean cuisine in the DPRK, the highlight of dining at this DPRK exported restaurant is the live entertainment. Every night at 7:30pm, North Korean female singers take the stage to sing all of the favorite North Korean songs (Arirang included) in glittery sequined minis and the traditional Korean dress called “Choson-ot” or 조선옷.

The digital menu is presented in tablet form. A dolsot bibimbap (rice with mixed vegetables in a hot stone bowl) will cost you about 48 RMB or 8 USD. Pyongyang cold noodles (naengmyun 랭면) comes in two sizes and starts at 48 RMB or 8 USD. Kimchi, ordered separately here, is 28 RMB or 5 USD and kimchi jun (pancakes) are about 38 RMB or 6 USD.

Expect it to be packed with Chinese diners. Get there early to find a seat near the front.

This particular Xuhui location is a bit tricky! Look for the neon signs showing women in the Korean outfit and take the stairs to the 2nd floor.


359 Zhaojiabang Lu, 2nd floor, near Jiashan Lu
Telephone: +86 21 6417 1777

For other locations, see THIS article from Culinary Backstreets.



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