Myohyangsan (Mt. Myohyang)


Located in the extremely mountainous and northern area of the DPRK, Mt. Myohyang is one of the five most celebrated mountains of North Korea. Known to the locals as the “mysterious fragrant mountain”. Famous for the inspiring views at and leading to its 1909 meter high peak. Multiple hiking trails around the mountain are graced with untouched floral fields, lending to the mountains visual charm. Rumor has it that King Tangun, the legendary father of the Korean people, once called this mountain home. Being only a day-trip from Pyongyang has helped this mountain become the home to many of the DPRK’s tourist destinations. City dwellers and villagers alike come get in touch with their Buddhist roots at the Pohyon Temple. Manphok Valley offers an escape from civilization and a good overview of the countryside. Gifts from the world’s officials, acting as symbols of support, are on display at the International Friendship Exhibition. Tourists often end the day at the Hyangsan Hotel, officially North Korea’s best hotel, see for yourself.