Postcards and Stamps of North Korea

Colorful, fiercely militant and overwhelmingly ideological. Locally produced postcards and stamps are truly the definitive souvenirs of North Korea. The artwork and slogans provide insight into the revolutionary history, ideals and goals of the Korean people. This doesn’t always mean anti-American sentiment or nuclear launches, references are also made to governmental policy, sporting achievements, architectural feats and agricultural prosperity. On a tour to North Korea you’ll have ample opportunity to pick up postcards like these of your own. Here areĀ some recent examples we took home from Pyongyang!

“Pride of Songun Korea, great unity of army and people”

“Full military preparedness for repulsing any kinds of provocations of the enemy at a stoke!”

“Let us thoroughly implement military-firstĀ (Songun) policy!”

“Reply with merciless and sacred war of justice and Great War for national reunification to a little provocation!”

“Launch a heavy fire to those who invade even 0.001 millimeter into our territorial waters!”

“Thoroughly carry out the 5-year strategy for national economic development!”

“Further enhance the Juche-orientation, mechanization and scientific action of military industry!”

“Enjoy the best civilization on the highest level!”

“Become the creators of miracle and youth hero!”

“All towards the implementation of the decisions made at the 7th Congress of the Workers’ Party of Korea!”

“Create a new sports legend of heroic Korea!”

“Good-quality consumer goods, school supplies and child foodstuffs to our people, pupils and children!”

“If we try, we can do it! It is the philosophy of self-reliance (Juche).”

“Let the praise of our Workers’ Party of Korea ring through the Masikryong region!”

“Let us display the vitality of our bean farming policy!”

“Let sports fervor overflow all across the country!”

“Strengthen the great unity of army and people!”

“Higher, faster breaking through the cutting edge!”

“Once again, everything towards improve people’s life!”

“Decisive change in people’s life!”

“Fly higher the national flag of the DPRK in international sports games!”

“Good harvest in fishing!”

“Symbolic tower of science and technology in Sci-tech complex.”

“Let us develop all the sections with the might of science and technology”

“Self-development first policy”

“Never give up revolutionary faith at any cost!”



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