Chollima Statue

The winged Chollima is the Far East version of the mythical pegasus, albeit without a horn. It is said to be unmountable by any mortal human, however, in North Korea it’s ridden gallantly by a peasant and bureaucrat representing Kim Il-Sung’s Chollima movement, a brute-force worker’s campaign leading to the swift reconstruction of North Korea after the devastation of the Fatherland Liberation War, otherwise known as the Korean War. The Chollima movement contributed to North Korean citizens enjoying a higher quality of life than the South until the early¬†80’s and is romantized¬†even today as a golden age of productivity that people should strive to replicate. It is said that the Chollima can cover 400 kilometers in one day, giving rise to the tagline ‘rush at Chollima Speed!’ splashed on factory walls and propaganda banners the country over. Now, the beast stands still at 46 meters above ground, waiting for the day it can ride again.