Golden Lane Bowling

The citizens of Pyongyang consider the Golden Lane Bowling Alley as one of their dearest forms of entertainment. Other smaller bowling alleys are attached to the Yanggakdo and Koryo hotels, but the Golden Lane Bowling Alley is the premier one with the locals, especially popular with soldiers. The bowling alley is outfitted with over 40 well polished lanes. Retro electronic scoreboards keep track of the competition like any other bowling alley. On a lucky day tourists and locals might spot North Korea’s international bowling team practicing for the next tournament. Gearing up is possible at the lanes, shoes are available for rental at the counter. Incase extra confidence is needed before practicing curve balls, beer is offered on delivery straight to your table. Most of the equipment at the bowling alley is made in the USA, despite the communists countries pride for its own products. After bowling, gambling machines and modern arcade games such as racing simulators and basketball hoops are available for further entertainment. This is one of the few opportunities visitors have to mingle with the locals in a way where money doesn’t change hands.