Hyangsan Hotel

This 6-star hotel (5-stars internationally) is known as the country’s best hotel. Built with Stalinist architecture in mind and at 15 stories tall. The building resembles a pyramid and has a revolving restaurant as its crown. It was built in 1986 but full renovations were completed in 2010 bringing the hotel into the modern age. Rooms are outfitted with western-style beds and flat screen TVs. The suite and standard rooms offer private balconies to enjoy the pristine views of the Mt. Myohyang area outside. The hotel offers no shortage of amenities: multiple restaurants, a brewery and bar, beauty salon, and a hair dresser are featured here. There is no shortage of recreational activities available here as well: A gym, billiards tables, a dance hall, a karaoke room, a swimming pool, and a theater for plays are all here for any guest’s enjoyment. A special cafe bar is available, where customers can order specialty coffees, a rarity in North Korea. Although there are other hotels in the Mt. Myohyang area, locals that can afford this luxury are usually inclined to stay here.