Manphok Valley

A hike in Manphok Valley brings visitors by almost countless waterfalls and pools. The valley is known as the Valley of 10,000 Waterfalls, or simply the Valley of Falls. Visitors to the valley catch a rare glimpse of the greater Mt. Myohyang area, a UNESCO protected biosphere that houses multiple endangered plants and animal species. The area functions as a nature reserve, but also contains many man-made objects. One of these being the Myogilsang Buddhist statue, dated back to the Koryo dynasty era, and the largest of its kind on the entire Korean peninsula. Many of the waterfalls and natural pools that pack the trails have resting areas and viewpoints. Several of these natural wonders have myths of fairies tied to them, one of them being the 46 meters high Pison Falls. The valley hugs the Myohyang River, the water of this river is said to contain minerals that can aid in curing various diseases.