Meari Shooting Range

Line up your sights and take a shot at the Meari shooting range, or in English, the echo shooting range. The facility is located in Pyongyang’s new Chongchun Sports Village and major renovations were completed in 2014. This is a highly controlled environment, guides give pointers on aiming and will even load the firearms for you. You can try your hand at shooting various rifles, handguns, electronic toy ray guns, and even archery at the range. Bullets for the rifles cost 50 US cents each, and arrows are 4 for 1 USD. The range length is 50 meters for the rifles and 25 meters for the pistols. The archery range has targets at varying distances, accommodating shooters of all skill levels. Electronic sensors at all the ranges broadcast on screens exactly where shots hit so aim can be adjusted. These screens are complete with scoreboards for a little friendly competition with the locals. Eye protection and ear-defender type safety equipment are provided complimentary. This is the only public place in the world gun enthusiasts can shoot the North Korean copy of the Nambu handgun, the Japanese handgun which was used in the Japanese occupation of Korea.