Ryomyong Street

Ryomyong Street is one of Pyongyang’s newest and most prestigious residential areas. The street was completed 2 days ahead of schedule, on April 13th of 2017. Kim Jong Un set the deadline for completion on the same date as his grandfather’s birthday, and national holiday, the Day of the Sun (April 15th.) The entire project took less than a year to complete, despite resources being diverted to relief efforts from the Lionrock typhoon. Over 10 thousand citizens and soldiers attended the opening ceremony, Kim Jong Un made a brief appearance but only clapped in celebration. Foreign media was told to prepare for a big event days beforehand, putting the world on the edge of it’s seat. Only to unveil the DPRK’s largest apartment building at 70 stories high and the rest of Ryomyong Street. The street consists of supposedly 24 buildings, including a pharmacy, restaurants, and other various shops. Like many other areas in the DPRK, the street was built to be eco-friendly. Solar panels power the streetlights and many of the apartments get their power from solar panels or other natural sources. The tallest of the buildings have greenhouses built onto the rooftops, and rainwater recycling systems providing water to the residents. In addition to that, many of the buildings are outfitted with geothermal heating and cooling systems, putting this neighborhood ahead of many of its foreign rivals. The complex is estimated to have cost a total of 213 million USD.