Songdowon International Children’s Camp

Songowon International Children’s Camp is one of a kind. Located in the Kangwon province, just outside of Wonsan city. Opening up in 1960 to help children and the state foster relationships worldwide. The maximum capacity of the camp increased to 1200 after major renovations were completed in 2014, at Kim Jong Un’s special request. The Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League subsidizes the vast majority of the camp costs, leaving parents with a bill around 350 USD. At that economical price point, children up to the age of 16 experience 1-2 weeks of leisure with their North Korean and other international peers. There are several recreational activities on site, including a pool with waterslides, a running track, and volleyball courts. One of the highlighted events of the camp is a cultural exchange where each nationality of students performs something culturally relevant from their country. As part of the cultural exchange visiting students learn how to perform North Korean songs and dances. Cooking and boating classes are available for any student looking for additional learning. Much of the recreation occurs on the Songowon private beach, which is a stop on our surf adventure tour (HYPERLINK), making this tour one of the only ways foreign adults can visit the camp. For additional comfort the dormitories are air conditioned and even outfitted with video games, making this a luxury experience for many of the youth. The Songowon International Children’s Camp experience is timeless, as it allows children to make connections worldwide, and helps open North Korea to the world.