Wonsan Agriculture University

The Wonsan Agricultural University is the first of its kind and a prestigious institution in North Korea. It is nonprofit and accredited by the North Korean Ministry of Education. Founded in 1948 and built on the remains of an old German church, giving the university a style of architecture rarely found in North Korea. Students here learn about farming, agricultural management economics, veterinary sciences, animal husbandry, and other agricultural related fields, all within the Juche ideology framework. Foreign students are able to apply and if accepted they are taught Korean until they can integrate with the regular students. Foreign students receive relatively new accommodation in a 4 story dormitory that was built around 1980. Other buildings on campus include a library, administration buildings, and a greenhouse that Kim Jong Il once stood in. The greenhouse has a red triangle where he stood and he was known to visit the university often, making it even more prestigious. The area surrounding the campus is dense with trees, including a pine tree planted in 1890 that is still standing. The campus area is considered a state treasure by the North Korean government.