Wonsan City Docks

The Wonsan docks played a huge part in the development of the city. The primary function of the docks has historically been hosting trade with Japan. The Mangyongbong-92 docked here used to be a ferry that carried cargo and people in between Japan and Korea, now it just floats. The docks have turned into a fishermen’s hotspot, on any given day, multitudes of fishermen line up on the rocks and perform their craft. The docks also have a military history aspect to them, they endured over 2 years of shelling, in what became officially the longest siege by the US navy. This siege lasted from March 1951 to July 1953 and almost completely flattened the city. Since then, the docks haven’t seen much action other than hosting DPRK naval drills. Monuments of Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Un stand near the docks overlooking the East Sea and Jangdok Islet.