Breaking News: Pyongyang Marathon Cancels Foreign Runner Participation

We are sorry to announce that the DPRK Marathon Committee has tentatively canceled foreign participation in the Pyongyang Marathon for both amateurs and professionals. The Marathon Committee made this decision due to the uncertainty over when the government will lift Ebola-related restrictions on foreign travel. However, the Marathon Committee has reserved the right to re-open the race to foreigners at any time if the travel restrictions are lifted.

The government body that has imposed the Ebola related travel restrictions is separate from the Marathon Committee, and has not been very forthcoming about its plans for re-opening the borders. We will continue to keep travelers updated as we learn more.

For those who have already registered for a marathon tour

We have contacted each runner with the options. We’re offering full refunds, an option to apply credit towards any North Korea tour in 2015 or to be on standby for further updates on April travel. If the borders re-open by April, the tour will run as scheduled notwithstanding the recent cancellation of the Pyongyang Marathon.

For those who wish to travel to the DPRK

The current travel restrictions can be lifted at any time notwithstanding the Marathon Committee’s decision to cancel foreign registrations. While we cannot make any guarantees on when the travel restriction will be lifted, we have been informed that Liberation Day in August and Party Foundation Day in October will be large holiday events in 2015 and that foreign travelers will be allowed to participate in the festivities. We’re taking registration for both of these tours.



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