Google Maps on North Korea Updated!

Google maps finally updates their coverage on North Korea, weeks after former Google chairman, Eric Schmidt, visited the DPRK for the first time. A coincidence?

In a recent blog update, Google Maps officially announced the roll-out of new maps of North Korea. They quote:

The goal of Google Maps is to provide people with the most comprehensive, accurate, and easy-to-use modern map of the world. As part of this mission, we’re constantly working to add more detailed map data in areas that traditionally have been mostly blank. For a long time, one of the largest places with limited map data has been North Korea. But today we are changing that with the addition of more detailed maps of North Korea in Google Maps.

In our assessment of the new Google Maps of North Korea, it’s a vast improvement from what we had before (close to nothing). Pyongyang’s roads are now mapped and many of the main locations within the city are listed. But data on many of the outer regions still need to be populated, but we imagine this will be difficult due to the lack of published information. Our team is helping by adding photos to existing locations for everyone to see and enjoy.

Thanks Google for the valuable addition!



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