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Lodging in North Korea

Many hotels of varying quality are available in North Korea. They range from 2-star soviet blocks without regular electricity and hot water to 3-4 star international hotels to even 5-6 star deluxe resorts. A tour to North Korea is certain to be packed with activities, the importance of a good nights rest and reliable facilities and amenities cannot be overstated. At Uri Tours, our all-inclusive accommodation is the best that North Korea has to offer.

Koryo Hotel, Pyongyang

In Pyongyang we stay at the Koryo Hotel. It’s the capital’s most iconic deluxe accommodation, situated in the heart of the city and frequented by many of Pyongyang’s residents, foreign diplomats and NGO’s. The hotel was built in 1985 and retains the Soviet-era style, but provides a level of comfort similar to foreign international hotels.

Hyangsan Hotel

On a visit to Mt. Myohyang you will stay at the 6-star Hyangsan Hotel, widely regarded as North Korea’s finest accommodation. It’s 15 story layered pyramid design nestled within the valleys is a real head turner. This hotel is one of very few places in North Korea with regular (but not guaranteed!) internet connectivity for foreigners.

Masikryong Hotel/Masikryong Ski Resort

You’ll stay at the Masikryong Hotel on a visit to the east-coast city of Wonsan (all year round) or during winter on our specialty ski trips. Marshal Kim Jong-Un personally initiated construction of the world class Masikryong Ski Resort in 2013 to international media attention. It’s a unique accommodation decorated in natural log to provide a homely atmosphere to the guests.

Majon Hotel

Majon Hotel is the hotel our travelers historically never want to leave. It’s a resort-style accommodation secluded on a private beach in remote Hamhung on North Korea’s east coast. It’s a great place for interaction with locals over a game of Frisbee or volleyball.  You will stay here on a visit to Hamhung or Pujon County, or on our specialized surf tours!


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