Mass Games

Mass Games

You'll find our tours here which are aligned with North Korea's famous Mass Games.

The Mass Games is a remarkable spectacle in which over 100,000 individuals participate in synchronised dance and gymnastics, creating a vast, evolving mural using flip picture cards to celebrate North Korea's culture and history.

The Mass Games is not guaranteed to run every year. After coming to a halt in 2013 and a five-year hiatus, the Mass Games returned in recent years and was held across summer and autumn as follows:

2018: 'The Glorious Country' (September to early November)
2019: 'The Land of the People' (June to October)
2020: 'Great Leadership' (short October run)
2021/22/23: Didn't run due to Covid restrictions
2024: No information as yet

For more information, contact us and we'll give you the latest details.