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Thank you Uri Tours for the fastest marathon of my life

Uri Tours organized the best international marathon trip in the world.  Where else can you participate in a marathon officially sanctioned by the International Association of Athletics Federations in one of the most exotic places on earth? The entire race is a massive adrenaline rush – this is runner’s high taken to a whole new level. Everything from the runners parade into the stadium to the roar of 50,000 spectators cheering your final lap in the Kim Il Sung Stadium, it almost guarantees a personal best performance. Thank you Uri Tours for the fastest marathon of my life.
Edward Walters, American expat in Tokyo


Perfectly safe, exceptionally interesting and so very different

People often refer to a voyage or a holiday as a “trip of a lifetime.”  Very few really are but the recent tour of the DPRK by residents of M/V The World truly did reach these heights.  It was a remarkable experience in which every participant saw the beautiful and surprising country in a new light, or at least beyond the preconceptions to a greater or less degree.  The tour itself was impeccably handled, extremely comprehensive and packed with one experience after another.  It was quite brilliantly done by UriTours with outstanding English speaking guides, friendly staff and excellent accommodations, meals and transport.  Perfectly safe, exceptionally interesting and so very different. If ever you get the chance, do it!
Dr. Ken and Dr. Maureen O’Bryan from Canada


Uri Tours made it happen

I enjoyed my stay in the DPRK and Uri Tours made it happen! Uri Tours is the best way to see North Korea because they are the only company that is Korean American owned, and what better way to see the DPRK but through the eyes of a Korean person.
Eddie from Texas


The adventures you will have are worth it!

Get away from the busy life and return to enjoying the moment. You actually spend meals talking to people instead of hating them looking at their cell phones. You are not being rushed to the next souvenir shop or packed in a bus with a large group. The adventures you will have are worth it!
Thomas, American in Shanghai


Incredible Experience

I’ve travelled with Uri Tours multiple times (4) and I’m grateful for the opportunity they gave me to understand North Korea and to experience different aspects of the life and culture in North Korea. The local guides that Uri Tours is privileged to work with are very knowledgeable and professional and they are really open to interacting with the participants. I found this extremely important and educational. The staff at Uri Tours understands the importance and the deep meaning that traveling to the DPRK has and they make sure to deliver an educational and unique experience for all of the members of their groups. Every time I traveled to North Korea with Uri Tours they were able to include new activities and new experiences in the itinerary, always trying to give us the opportunity to learn and understand more.
Alessandro from Chicago


Absolutely eye-opening, vacuum-filling experience

An absolutely eye-opening, vacuum-filling experience that should not be missed.  An introduction, with my own eyes, to the beautiful, complex, country and social-political-economic system that is the DPRK.
Carol from California


Once in a life time trip made possible by Uri Tours

Traveling to the Democratic People’s Republic Of Korea is always high up on my favorite places to visit and thanks to the wonderful team at Uri Tours traveling to Korea has never been easier. The team is great to work with and they will go out of their way to make sure you have the best time possible and do their utmost to meet any requests you may have. With Uri Tours everything is taken care of from Beijing to Korea and back again.

I have always enjoyed my time traveling with the company and even though I have been there with some other of the North Korean travel companies, Uri Tours is the company that I keep coming back to. The Korean guides they work with are excellent, fantastic people and you can see they love their job and really want to make sure you have the greatest time you can have.

I highly recommend Uri Tours if you are thinking of traveling to the DPRK.
Jack, veteran North Korea traveler from Australia


Our guides in the DPRK were a joy!

We just returned from our trip yesterday and I wanted to express our thanks for helping us to have a wonderful experience!  Everything went more smoothly than we could have ever expected.  Your colleague in Beijing, Yuan, was very kind and helpful.  We lacked for nothing while we were there and it was very comforting to know all the arrangements had been properly attended to. Our guides in the DPRK, Li Song A, Mr. Li, and our driver, Mr. Pak, were a joy!  They were knowlegable and personable and attended to our every need.  We had a very enjoyable time getting to know them and learn of their country.  The hospitality they showed us was exceptional.  I must say, we will miss them very much! Our trip far exceeding all of our expectations!  We saw and experienced more than we dreamed of. Please express our gratitude to all of your colleagues who made this possible.  We were impressed with excellence with which all arrangements were made.  We would have no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone who wishes to do a tour of the DPRK. Thank you again for everything you did personally to help us make our trip arrangements and answer all of our questions.
Kathy Brock from USA


Once in a lifetime experience

My tour was the 6 days with one night in 1 night in Beijing Birthday Tour. To put it simply, my experience with Andrea and Uritours was the best money I’ve ever spent on recreation. The larger part of everyday was spent seeing new and unique locations, my personal favorite was the ‘Palace of the Sun’. (I mean, how many people outside of the DPRK can say they’ve seen Kim Jong Il’s mummy.. right!?) The Yanggakdo where we stayed was great! Friendly staff, clean facilities, good food and it also featured a multitude of shops and services, including but not limited to; a tailor, a bookstore, an art shop, a pool, a bar, a bowling alley and a masseuse!

Our tour guide Andrea (Uritour’s CEO) was positive, attentive and at all time professional throughout the journey. In correspondence until leaving, She was always quick to update me on any necessary information and answer the questions I had.

I would thoroughly recommend the DPRK and in particular Uritours for anyone planning their next getaway!
Coen Scott from Australia


An eye-opening experience!

Nothing like sensory overload and sensory deprivation all in one country. Participating in the Marathon was an outstanding experience. I felt our 5 day trip was just the right amount of time to see everything and take it all in. I think everyone should go at least once in their lifetime. Enjoy being internet free for a few days!
Shari from Las Vegas


Uri Tours organizes everything down to the smallest details

A place in time unlike any other, the DPRK is a must-see for any adventurous traveler looking for an exciting trip. Uri Tours organizes everything excellent down to the smallest details, making you feel well cared for and looked after. If you are at all doubting whether or not you should go, stop! You’ll be more than happy you went.
Ethan from USA


Put your feet on the ground

Propaganda is not unique to North Korea.  Every country engages in their own form of propaganda.  The only way to sift through the madness is to actually put your feet on the ground and experience the DPRK for yourself.  Don’t just believe the hype, experience it for yourself and make your own informed decision.
Dusty from California


People are just people

Uri Tours provided me with an excellent experience for my travels to the DPRK. I will never forget it. The food and facilities they arranged for were much better than I expected, and I believe that I was able to experience as much as was possible in the short time I was there through their itinerary and with the help of their local contacts. I was allowed to see that despite the reservations and preconceptions that I had about the DPRK, the reality, as it is most places in the world, is that what governments & politicians say are one thing; people, however, are just people, and the people I met there were no exception.
Toby from California


A must do

“A must do if you have an interest in this part of the world.”
Will from Belmont, CA


Highly recommended

I travelled to the DPRK with Uri Tours in 2013 on their Arirang Mass Games tour. It’s hard to express exactly how easy and enjoyable they made the experience for all of us, from start to finish the entire tour was seamless. For any question you might have their advice on how to prepare is practical and comprehensive, based on many years of successful experiences. As other reviewers have said, the strong connections the company has forged with their local counterparts mean that they can provide a very professional, and more importantly very personal experience – a rare thing in such an insular country!

Having researched different tour providers I was impressed by the unique and diverse range of their tours, and having had some contact with other tour groups during the trip confirmed to me that I definitely chose the right company! In such an isolated place it was a real comfort to have such experienced and knowledgeable guides to show us around.

For most travellers to the DPRK this is a once in a lifetime trip, so it’s one you want to get right the first time. In my experience Uri Tours is a safe bet to give you a very unique and exciting look at a very unique and exciting place!
John H from Australia


Military Parade and Dancing on the Beach

I first traveled to DRPK in 2010 with a Chinese-based agency on a private tour that got me to the standard sites but did not have much local interaction. In 2013 I returned for the 60th Victory Day military parade with Uri Tours. Booking last minute I was worried I would not get a visa, but Uri got my trip together and soon I was standing in Pyongyang with tanks charging by, splattering me with oil.

I booked a private day to Nampho my tour while the main group went elsewhere. This was by far my most special time. With two great guides and a driver, we saw the sights, then hearing music down on a beach, they agreed to take me down and we partied with locals swimming, dancing, pounding soju, and having a clam bake. It was delightful and was a window into everyday life that few foreigners have ever seen.

The only small complaint I had was I felt the main western guide was not fully engaged in the group, and Uri took my feedback to heart.

Uri continues to innovate with them tours from running the Pyongyang Marathon to skiing. They keep groups small and prices competitive, while some other companies have large bus tours with several dozen people for the same or higher prices. I strongly recommend Uri Tours for DPRK trips.
Stefan from Rapid Travel Chai in NYC, July 2013



I traveled to DPRK in the spring, 2013, at the absolute height of the war-mongering rhetoric coming out of DPRK. I knew about these threats to the United States before I left on the trip, and I never once considered canceling despite the sensational news coverage at the time. The trip could not have been better. Uri Tours must be the most well-connected and respected of all firms offering trips to DPRK. Andrea Lee was fantastic. She was recognized and known everywhere we went, and was always welcomed with open arms. My trip to DPRK was an eye-opener in the extreme, and an invaluable experience. All of the local guides assigned to our trip were superb as well. I would recommend this trip without qualification, and cannot exaggerate the esteem in which I hold Andrea Lee and Uri Tours. I have been to over 100 countries as an independent traveler, and usually dislike taking organized tours. This was the BEST!
Sandra Cook from San Francisco


Uri Tours knows the culture VERY well

I was glad Uri Tours was my contact in North Korea. My new friend Andrea and the other group leaders seem to be well respected in North Korea, which I’m sure is an exception. They know the culture VERY well and any question they don’t know the answer to, they have guides in the country that were open about answering pretty much anything. I found it was good to clear the question first just to make sure it wasn’t too inappropriate:) Everything we planned on the tour happened like I hoped and there were even some extra things that popped up last minute that we got to add in once we were there.
Eric Hill, The Global Odyssey


Excellent Tour

I went on a tour with Uri Tours last winter and it was an amazing experience. From the pre-trip process to the touring while we were there, the process was great. I never thought a trip to the DPRK would be one of the most fun trips I’ve ever taken. By the end of the tour I felt like everyone I met was like family. I attribute a lot of my satisfaction with the trip to Andrea who is truly sincere, knowledgeable, and passionate.  I’m sure my experience would not have been as great had I not traveled with Uri Tours.  The family visit was really special experience. I would recommend Uri Tours to anyone.
Cindy from NYC


Arrangements were perfectly done

After months of frustrations, you made North Korea accessible and expeditiously so. The arrangements were not only perfectly done but also provided wise insights on this rather unusual nation.
William Loomis from California


A well organized and executed journey!

I traveled to DPRK with UriTours recently and while I have no basis for comparison when it comes to tour groups in the DPRK, I can speak on behalf my entire group (15 of us) in saying that we were very pleased with Uri Tours throughout our trip. Specifically, Uri Tours was very well organized, professional in the all of their undertakings, and quite reliable. Uri Tours was able to organize a great schedule for us, which included access to wonderful venues and was full of exciting activities. Overall, we were very happy with Uri Tours and would not hesitate in recommending them to anyone planning a visit to the DPRK!
Tarik from NYC


Once-in-lifetime experience

Andrea and Uri Tours make traveling to North Korea simple and safe, leaving you free to enjoy a once-in-lifetime experience.
Nicholas Java from NYC


Very well planned and safe trip

“Very well planned and safe trip, food and accommodation good. Meeting people and trying to understand them made a bigger difference rather than relying on the media.”
Darrel from Australia


Trip of a trip!

The DPRK showed me a surprising blend of uniformity and artfulness deeply steeped in the culture. It was a trip of a trip!
Lauren from Taipei


After 10 years, Uri Tours cleared the way

My art project found at involved collecting soil samples from each of the 193 UN member States.  After 10 years, the DPRK was the only country remaining on the list.  I made many attempts through other agencies and Embassies at gaining approval for access to complete this venture.  Andrea Lee at URI was able to quickly clear the way enabling me to travel to the DPRK and complete the soil collection phase of the project.  Good work, indeed.
Gary Simpson from California


Efficient and reliable service

Uri Tours today provides efficient and reliable service under the excellent management of Andrea Lee.  I heartily recommend its use in planning all of your travel needs to the DPRK.


Pleasant experience from beginning to end

My visit to the DPRK organized by Uri Tours was a very pleasant experience from beginning to end. The guides that took me around in Pyongang were very courteous, open and generally accommodated my interests for visiting certain sites.
Jegan Vincent de Paul, Artist