Signature Series

Signature Series

Our Signature Series tours are based on our years of experience in running safe and premium travel to North Korea.

Each itinerary is tailored to deliver you the highlights. These itineraries are guaranteed to make the most of your time, with a varied focus on culture, history and engagement.

We often run these itineraries as scheduled group tours, but if you'd prefer a closed group setting over dates of your choosing, we can highly recommend using these Signature Series itineraries as a basis for your private tour!

The DPRK Weekender – Summer – 3 Nights

3 Nights – from €1140

Take the weekend away with a 3-night tour from Beijing to Pyongyang!

Explore Pyongyang’s iconic landmarks, including the Tower of the Juche Idea, and the solemn Kumsusan Palace of the Sun. Ride the world’s deepest metro and visit the extensive [...]

The DPRK Highlights – Autumn – 4 Nights

4 Nights – from €1099

In this 4-night tour of North Korea, discover the highlights with a tour of the major political sites in Pyongyang, a visit to the DMZ and even make an off-the-beaten-track visit to the city of Nampo. This is an action-packed tour [...]

The DPRK Classic – 5 Nights

5 Nights – from €1360

This 5-night classic tour of North Korea is designed to cover all the classic sites in one extensive action-packed itinerary. You’ll visit the political highlights in Pyongyang such as the Tower of Juche Idea, Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum and [...]

The Absolute DPRK – 7 Nights

7 Nights – from €1540

** DPRK Visa and return flights from Beijing included! Taking the train is possible and you’ll be eligible for a discount. Contact us! **

In this comprehensive tour of North Korea, you’ll see absolutely everything from the political [...]