Pro Wrestling and Diplomacy in Pyongyang with Antonio Inoki


The Pyongyang International Pro-Wrestling Friendship Games was nothing short of entertaining and fascinating! We saw all of the action up close and personal, with the “Beast” (American wrestler Bob Sapp) wowing the local crowd, Brasil’s Montanha Silva towering, Japan’s “Ultimo Dragon” almostshowing his face, and Inoki taking steps towards peace and diplomacy through sports.

22 foreign wrestlers attended representing 5 different countries:

Erik Hammer – USA
Jeff Jarrett – USA
Bob Sapp – USA
Montanha Silva – Brasil
Heddi French – France
Ultimo Dragon – Japan
Wang Bin – China
Jerome Le Banner – France
Kazuyuki Fujita – Japan
Shinichi Suzukawa – Japan
Hajime Ohara – Japan
Jon Andersen – USA
Atsushi Sawada – Japan
Shogun Okamoto – Japan
Taka Kunoh – Japan
Crusher Kawaguchi – Japan
Daichi Hashimoto – Japan
Keisuke Okuda – Japan
Meiko Satomura – Japan
Dash Chisako – Japan
Kyoko Kimura – Japan
Ray – Japan

Find more pictures from the event HERE.


Do you like pro-wrestling? How about diplomacy? Travel, boxing, martial arts? This summer, you can have it all, and in the unlikeliest of places – PYONGYANG! In August 2014, we’re offering a chance to see a historic International Pro-Wrestling Friendship Event in Pyongyang hosted by the famous WWE Hall of Famer Japanese wrestler, Antonio Inoki!

On August 30 and 31, 2014, Antonio Inoki and North Korea’s International Martial Arts Games Committee will host an International Pro-Wrestling Friendship event in Pyongyang, inviting world-class wrestlers and martial artists to compete in the spirit of friendship and diplomacy. This is a rare and historic event, the last one of its kind was held in 1995.

Uri Tours has been granted permission to bring tourists to see this 2-day event! It will be held at the Chun Doo Hyun gymnasium (home to the Dennis Rodman basketball games and the Moranbong Rock Band events). 7 countries will be represented in the competition including the USA and Japan. Not only will you see professional wrestling, there will also be boxing and martial arts demonstrations.

Tickets can be purchased in cash at the door on each night of the event (you can choose to see it only on 1 night, or both):

Ringside Class A seats: 200 USD
Class B seats: 100 USD

How to attend:

Book any of our tours during August 30-31 and we’ll take you front and center to one of the most sensational events this year since Dennis Rodman!


We’re offering a special Inoki Pro-Wrestling Invitational Weekend Tour departing from Beijing on Friday, August 29 and returning on Monday, September 1.

We also have a longer 7-night Pro-Wrestling Friendship tour that includes the Wrestling Event as well as visits in Pyongyang, Wonsan, the Kumgang Mountains and the DMZ.

Our new Shanghai weekender tours also coincides with this event, but you’ll only be able to see the first night of the event, as Shanghai flights return on Sundays.



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