International Friendship Exhibition

The International Friendship Exhibition opened up its 4-ton doors to the public in 1978. Up to 220,000 gifts are on display here signifying the support the world has for the DPRK. Notable gifts come from one end of the globe to the other, from Yugoslavia, China, Russia, and even the US. The Soviet made Llyushin II-14 plane has its own hanger that takes up a hefty portion of the 70,000 square meters the site consists of. A basketball signed by Michael Jordan is favored by the basketball fan and leader of the country, Kim Jong Un. Many dead animals are on display as decoration, an eye-catching alligator stands at attention with cocktail glasses held up on offer, and the museum reportedly houses the world’s largest store of ivory. Other extravagant gifts include an armored limousine, a silver sword from a Palestinian leader, a crocodile skin suitcase, jewel encrusted rifles, and VHS copy of the 90’s hit movie Space Jam. In total, the windowless museum has over 150 rooms housing the gifts from 178 of the world’s 198 total countries. 100 of the rooms are dedicated to holding gifts dedicated to the founder of the country, Kim Il Sung. For a sense of scale, all of the rooms can take over an hour to tour, sometimes up to two hours. The museum is built with traditional Korean architecture, a rarity in North Korea.