Kaeson Youth Amusement Park

The Kaesong Amusement Park is the definitive theme park of the DPRK. The park is located in the spacious area right next to Kim Il Sung university and at the base of Moran hill, parking is never an issue here, unlike its Western counterparts. At close to 100 acres, one of the best ways to get a good view of this massive park is by going to the top of the nearby Arch of Triumph. The park has various attractions that the locals enjoy, from more relaxed and family oriented spinning tea cups ride, to a red-blooded and fierce bumper car arena. Recently in 2010, despite several international trade embargoes, the park got outfitted with 10 Italian made rides. One of the most popular of these is a roller coaster in which you get buckled in with your chest facing the ground. Another one of these is an over sized swing set that launches locals into the air and then brings them back.  Also available is a vertical drop elevator that shows riders what free fall is like. There is a water park on site but renovations are currently being done as of 2017. The admission fee for the park is on a per ride basis, at approximately 1-3 Euros each. Foreigners are often treated to a VIP fast pass, so waiting times are minimal.