Mirae Scientists Street

Many of the scientists and engineers of the DPRK reside on Mirae Scientists Street. The opening ceremony for the living quarters section was held on November 3rd of 2015, with multiple government officials in attendance.The street was built in less than a year at the Chollima based Pyongyang speed. With a prime location next to the Taedong River and the Pyongyang Station, plus new buildings, it’s no secret why this is one of the most highly desired areas in the city to live in. Modern high rises now line the streets in this fully featured neighborhood, with one of the buildings reaching 53 floors and being the 4th tallest in the country. The neighborhood has schools for all ages, including a daycare for children.  Arcades and sports parks are provided for those who live here. There is no shortage of stores, the area even has it’s own cell phone store and is home to the Changgwang department store, one of the largest in the country. All these places serve the esteemed residents of the area. Many of them were given apartments in the area due to their affiliation to Kim Chaek University, the university that leads the DPRK’s nuclear research and ambition.