Munsu Water Park

The Munsu Water Park is the one of the DPRK’s premier recreational facilities. Located on the eastern outskirts of Pyongyang, spanning over 37 acres of real-estate.The park took just 9 months to build. It’s opening was celebrated with a military parade, and a tour of the slides done by Kim Jong Un himself. A life-sized wax statue of Kim Jong Il, designed by Mansudae Art Studio, stands in the lobby greeting all visitors. After paying the admission fee, guests are required to take a shower before going into the water. Soap and shampoo is provided, and swimsuits can be rented if you forgot to pack one. Once inside you can relax in the lazy river and float on a tube, or compete with the locals down the 4 lane race slide. Diving boards are available for those looking to show off Western front flip skills. The interior section features slides and a wave pool that is really popular with the locals.  A children’s section with mini-slides is also available, below a massive bucket that dumps water all over once full. Foreigners are often treated to VIP fast passes so waiting times are minimal. If swimming isn’t your thing (why are you here?) there is a variety of other recreational things at the park. Rock climbing on a rock wall is available, with safety equipment provided. Games of volleyball can be played on the strangely perfect dirt. A trampoline is available for anyone looking to practice their flips before trying at the diving boards. After all that, relaxation is available at the cafe or bar. Hungry people can catch a bite to eat at Western style restaurant that even serves fries with Heinz ketchup. Before leaving the park make sure your hair is ready for Pyongyang at the hair dresser.