Wonsan Revolutionary Site

Wonsan Revolutionary Site saw its beginnings in August 1914. Originally serving as a simple railway station for cargo and passengers. That changed because of an event In 1945, Kim Il Sung successfully fought back the Japanese and used this station to go back to Pyongyang. After the station’s destruction during the Korean war, the North Koreans took the opportunity to turn it into a museum in 1975. The museum contains the original train that Kim Il Sung took back to Pyongyang, complete with the same wooden benches he sat on. And the room where he gave directions on the army, state, and party formation still contain the historical relics from that very moment.  Outside the humble building, there is a concrete slab with a lengthy poem written by Kim Il Sung, Mt Paektu is carved into the top of the slab. The new station now only serves passengers and tourists, cargo is no longer brought to Wonsan via this station.