Unprecedented North Korea Bike Tour

We just returned from our first bike tour of North Korea, covering over 150km of pure DPRK terrain! We rode on routes never before biked on by foreigners, through busy city streets as well as other remote areas seeing both urban and rural areas of the country. It was an incredible experience to see the country on two wheels.

In Pyongyang, we biked through the busy Kwangbok Street (police escort was provided to maintain safety):

We rode 45km through Nampho, a port city about 1 hour west of Pyongyang, and rewarded ourselves with an authentic North Korean style clam bake:

Riding through the new Shinpyong Kumgang resort:

Biking through Hamhung allowed us to take in breathtaking views of the DPRK countryside, traveling through mountains to get to the second largest city in North Korea:

We overnighted at the Majon Beach Resort, capping off the night with a beach clam bake!

If you’re disappointed you missed our spring bike tour, our next North Korea bike tour is in September! We’ll be traveling along the above routes, but we’re working on adding other never before seen routes. Stay tuned!



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