North Korea Ski Resort Set to Open!

Today, our DPRK partners told us that North Korea’s new ski resort, officially named the Masik Pass Skiing Ground, may open as early as this week! Today’s newspaper in Pyongyang clearly shows an operational chairlift servicing the resort. There will be 9 runs available, and DPRK authorities also anticipate plenty of local skiers. In addition, night skiing will be available for the truly adventurous! Join us on one of our exciting ski packages!

Our CEO, Andrea Lee, is currently leading our New Year’s Tour in North Korea. She will be updating us soon on new developments with the ski resort.

Longer Packages

Shorter Packages

We will be offering shorter 4 night ski packages (without some of the tourist sites) on the following dates:

The price for our 4 night ski tours will be $1825 (double occupancy) and $2125 (single occupancy).

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