Ulim Waterfall

The Ulim Waterfalls are named after the Korean word for echo or vibration, appropriate as the rumbling sound of the falls extend over a 4 kilometers radius. The falls were routinely driven by on the way to Wonsan until its discovery by soldiers. Because of this coincidence, the 75 meters high cascade has become a tourist destination. Kim Jong Il heard of its magnificence and went himself to see the falls. In order to commemorate his visit, the side of the falls rocks has 2001 engraved and recreated in his handwriting. The path Kim Jong Il walked on was paved and a square stone elevated off the ground where he once stood. Since the visit, a rounded observatory building has been constructed along with other additional tourist amenities. A small road makes the falls accessible by cars, and the road leads to stairs which bring tourists down to the base of the falls. The tourists that visit the Ulim Waterfalls are often figuratively swept away by its charming mists and roaring cascades.